When people go to work or play in the outdoors, the biggest single factor that will help to ensure their safety is personal competence. Competence derives from experience and training which in turn and time develops judgement.

We believe you will want the reassurance that when your staff leave your premises to carry out their allotted tasks, they have the appropriate competences, not just to do the job but to do it in safety.

One of our key competences lies as effective trainers, coaches and appraisers of the competence of others.

We provide a range of training programmes that are designed to supplement and support our work in helping to ensure the safety of people working or recreating in hazardous natural environments.

It is a truth that not many accidents can be directly attributed to the lack of a written safety policy. The majority are caused by human error, often attributable to inadequate training. This is exactly why effective, quality training features so prominently in what we do.

Water Safety and Awareness Training

These one-day programmes are designed and accredited by ourselves and are aimed at anyone who will be working on or beside water. They will raise awareness of the hazards associated with cold water, look at strategies to avoid immersion and aim to pre-programme for survival for the rare occasions when immersion cannot be prevented. Courses also touch on basic peer rescue skills. The programmes are a mix of classroom, outdoor and practical in-water content. All equipment including insulating clothing and dry suits are provided.

A second day of training can also be offered for those who want more input on bank based rescue skills.

Basic Water Safety & Awareness (BWSA) looks at safety on sheltered inland waters such as lochs, canals and reservoirs.

Swiftwater Safety & Awareness (SSA) looks the moving water environment for those likely to be working beside rivers, streams, tidal waters and in flood conditions.

Both courses include content on the proper fitting, care and deployment of Floatation PPE.
Many courses are delivered at our training site in Highland Perthshire but we will often be able to provide training at or close to your own location.

Water Rescue for Emergency Services and Outdoor Professionals

We are accredited providers of Rescue 3 courses in Scotland. Most courses are delivered from our training base in Highland Perthshire. Contact us for further details of the range of courses to be found here.

National Water Safety Management Programme (NWSMP)

This is a UK-wide initiative from the Royal Life Saving Society, (RLSS) designed to promote water safety. We are accredited providers of NWSMP training and can usually deliver courses at or close to your location.

Safety and Leadership for Outdoor Educators

We manage suites of in-house training schemes aimed at staff within Aberdeenshire and Moray Councils and further details of these employment based training opportunities can be found on their websites by clicking on the relevant council’s name.

Safety on Mountains, Upland and Remote Terrain

We provide one day practical training programmes aimed at anyone who is required to access remote and/or upland terrain in the course of their work. Training is provided in the selection and use of appropriate clothing and equipment, basic navigation skills and emergency procedures.

Other more technical training modules can be bolted onto this basic course for those with more specific safety requirements.

Outdoor related First aid training

We offer specialist first aid training for those who work in remote and hazardous natural environments. First aid courses can be offered as free standing units or delivered as bolt on modules to any of our other courses.

Basic emergency first aid (6hrs)

We are proud to be partnered with Outwardly Mobile for the delivery of our first aid training. Outwardly Mobile are Scotland’s leading provider of outdoor related first aid training.